Crystal Lok
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Damp proofing company in Sacramento, California
2443 Fair Oaks Boulevard #270
Sacramento, California 95825

About Crystal Lok

Crystal Lok provides defense against attack and penetration by most chemicals, by water and by other liquids under pressure onto either the treated side or by pressure onto the untreated side of concrete structures.

Crystal Lok Concrete Treatment is a water-based and non-hazardous concrete treatment which has been specified by international engineer and contracting firms for large and small projects since 1992.

The Crystal Lok manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facility is capable of producing and shipping any quantity of Crystal Lok Concrete Treatment required. This facility operates with more than 29 employees, a fully staffed testing and research laboratory and Distribution Center. Crystal Lok has been manufactured in this facility for 16 years, shipping to distributors in the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Asia.

Crystal Lok Concrete Treatment product testing has been conducted by independent engineering research companies with supervision by consultant engineers. U.S.A. testing is identified in the Testing Report.

Originated as Corroseal, Inc., reincorporated in 2002 as Joan T. Geiger, Inc. when the CorrosealĀ® Rust Converting Primer product was sold, then reincorporated as Crystal Lok LLC in 2007, we continue to produce Crystal LokĀ® of the highest quality materials, with excellent record of product integrity, of representation, sales, manufacturing and delivery.

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