Paramount Waterproofing

Damp proofing company in New Orleands, Louisiana
410 Olivier Street,
New Orleans,
LA 70114
About Paramount Waterproofing:
Paramount Waterproofing strives to be the best waterproofing solution provider in Louisiana. They are confident in their ability to provide quality work, excellent value and transparent pricing all with that special southern-style hospitality.

The owner had a dream of building a business that would motivate him to get up everyday. Like the spirit of their fellow New Orleanians, they are inspired to transform a city and a state that keeps getting up even when delivered challenging blows.

In 2006, Paragon Waterproofing saw the need for waterproofing solutions that would protect the investments of individuals and companies who continued to invest in communities hit by hurricanes and suffered the affects of economic difficulties. Many contractors have come to the area seeing the opportunity to cash in on short-term projects as a result of the devastation born by the elements, and those contributions were significant. But the company is there to stay.

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