Basement Solutions
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Damp proofing company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
4532 Walker Street NE
Cedar Rapids,
Iowa 52402
About Basement Solutions:
Basement Solutions is a family owned basement waterproofing and foundation repair company founded and operated locally.  The company is not a nationwide company that cuts corners. Quality, honesty, and integrity are three of the company's core values. Their primary focus has been to acquire and utilize the very best foundation waterproofing and repair materials available in the industry.

Of course, without dedicated employee’s, Basement Solutions couldn’t provide their services to their clients. They set realistic time frames on their projects and only have a manageable amount of job’s at any given time. This allows them to give personalized service and do the highest quality work without the stress of running between jobs all the time.
Their Mission
To make available to the public, a basement waterproofing company that will honestly assess the individual needs of homeowners and their homes.

Basement Solutions wishes to share their wealth of information from being experienced waterproofers and foundation specialists with each homeowner pertaining to their wet basement. They offer several approaches to address each individual situation and advise the homeowner of which solution would best remedy their particular problems.

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