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Identifying damp

Identifying damp on your bedroom wall or having a surveyor return with news showing damp in your basement can be quite worrying for any householder. Damp and damp proofing are subjects that hope we never have to deal with and it is a topic the average homeowner barely knows anything about. After all, all of us probably will have heard of a damp proof course, but some don’t know whether it is a treatment for your home or a program of lessons for builders.

How do you know if a problem requires damp proofing

There might be visible signs of damp or mold on the walls, as well as walls feeling wet and cold, are all signs of damp. Just don’t panic right away, as not all causes of damp are complex or costly to repair. You can simply call a damp proofing expert and get the problem checked out before it gets worse.

There are more than one cause of damp and each one is different in nature. You can either have penetrating damp, damped caused by condensation and rising damp. A damp proofing professional should be able to swiftly and easily identify which one is causing your damp problem. Some contractors will not even charge you a cent for doing an assessment but after that, you get your quote.

Once the process of identifying damp is complete, you need to get quotations for the repair work. Now each contractor is different in skill and cost. Before you attempt to hire someone to take care of your problem, you need to make sure they have the right experience and the price doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.