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Delta Membranes offer new Dual V3.1 Sump Pump

Delta Membrane released its latest model, the new Dual V3.1 groundwater sump pump with 1x inlet. This model is ideal for jobs where 1 or less inlet is required and space is limited.

A packaged pump station designed to collect ground water via a perimeter channel or modular system – 110mm pipes (129 detail) and / or clear opening to the top of the chamber.

The Dual V3.1 pump station has been specifically designed to be used for below ground applications. The chamber is manufactured from HDPE and able to withstand hydrostatic forces encountered in applications with high water tables. The pump station is delivered as a complete package including chamber, all internal pipe work and two powerful V3 pumps. It is designed to be installed by contractors with competent building, plumbing and electrical skills. A high level alarm is offered as a recommended option. The alarm, AlertMaxx, is part of a family of products “The MaxxConnect™ Family” which offers protection and backup for your pumping station.